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Ldn Shelter

About The Organisation

The whole of last year I wanted to travel, I wanted to live my life & I wanted to enjoy myself for all the hard work I’ve been putting in all I do. However, Covid sadly happened. Fortunately, this didn’t mean I couldn’t travel or still not enjoying my life’ I just took it as a sign and its a opportunity to humble myself and think of something a lot more beneficial to do with my money. By now you should all know the amount of love I have got my Home country back in Nigeria, which made me come to a conclusion on using the hard-earned money I’ve been saving up and working for to build something that will help young homeless kids in Nigeria.

I plan on building a homeless shelter with an estimate of £250,000 to be raised and donated. I’ll be proving quality content on my YouTube channel all year and all I ask is for you guys to donate a minimum of £2 a month and help me raise this amount by December ending so I can successfully go back and vlog the result for you guys.

I hope this target can be reached by then and I hope you all support me with this.

Thank you & God bless.